Letting the light in

Posted on 02 August 2016

Today, let’s talk lighting, which to walking temples of the Holy Spirit is EVERYTHING! Do you ever feel glitches in your spirituality, as if it’s flickering on and off—it was bright last year, but this year it’s dim. Or maybe you’re experiencing what feels like a complete spiritual power outage, one that’s lasted for months, years!

Don’t worry. God’s love for us never goes out! Troubleshooting, restoring power to those without, bringing massive numbers of people out of darkness and into light is God’s passion! And no wonder—He is the very source of light. “Let there be light,” God said in the beginning and there was light. All through the Bible, God manifested Himself to His people here on Earth as light. When Moses came down from the mountain, his face was aglow with light. It was through a cloud of light by day and a pillar of fire at night that, that God led the Israelites. But the greatest manifestation of God’s light here on Earth was Jesus, who came as the light of the world.

God didn’t create us only to leave us here in this darkened world unequipped and without power. Rather, he took on flesh and came down to intimately connect with each and every one of us, so that we may be filled with His eternal light. Like beautiful chandeliers in a house, we may have Biblical facts, stories and doctrine installed within us, dangling from the ceilings of our minds. But just because a person has all the light-carrying fixtures in place, doesn’t mean they have light. Paul in the book of Acts was a very religious man. His mind was filled with knowledge and facts but it hadn’t the light of Jesus. In fact, it was in this darkness that he went around persecuting Christians until one day on the road to Damascus, he met up with the living Christ. This personal encounter connected Him to the source of eternal light. The power and light now in him, he couldn’t help but go on sharing it with those still walking in darkness. Only Jesus can bring light to our fixtures within, and it’s when we connect personally with him that we become walking temples filled with light.

Now remember. As enlightening as Truth is, Jesus didn’t come into the world just to bring illumination to our darkened minds, but to bring the light of eternal life. One aha light bulb moment after the next hasn’t the power to pull us from darkness and save us from death.  An enlightened mind will not go on shining into eternity unless it’s connected to the eternal source of light. As walking temples of the Holy Spirit, Jesus is the light dwelling within. Thanks for watching!

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